Scratchin’ Melodii

If you know your boyfriend, if you helped him win the girl’s heart in musical battles against incredible bosses, then you understand what the price of talent really is. Scratchin’ Melodii is a solid competitor to FNF and is already making its way to success.

Users around the world strive to appreciate the quality of graphics and controls. The developers introduce us to the demo version of the game, which has every chance of becoming the top 1 among users.

This time you will become a little DJ who was not lucky enough to escape before the cops catch you. They were watching you closely and caught exactly at the moment when your hero was decorating the walls in incredible graffiti. And now you need to organize a fundraiser to get rid of annoying fines.

Incredible musical hardcore

To start playing, just select one of the modes and go to the musical test. When the first note sounds, determine the color of your line. If the line is blue, repeat after the example. But if it suddenly turns pink, open your chakras and start creating. Here you already have complete freedom of action. The bottom line is to catch the moment of the melody and press the desired key.

You will see icons that you need to repeat using the controls and buttons. Your weapon is your joystick. It is with his help that you will cope with the task. Set yourself the right rhythm and feel the atmosphere of the place in which you find yourself. Enjoy the sounds and lyrics to quickly learn to catch signals and icons.

Incredible design approach. The developers have worked hard and fixed all the shortcomings so that an incredible character appears on your screens. Sweet and pushy. One that viewers and users love. When you have a microphone in your hands, everyone will be looking forward to the start of the songs.

You must become the very magician who enchants from a few notes. Remember how wonderful it is to create melodies and put small sound particles into whole works of art. Help your ward in this and prove to teachers that you are also capable of something. Your ear will be a huge asset in Scratchin’ Melodii. Race of rhythms and sensations.

The battle for the most accurate hit on the keys. How many incredible bonuses can be found here. Incredible animated pictures that come to life from sounds right in front of your eyes. It’s like you’re breathing life into frozen pieces of music. How many levels can you feel and how many tunes can you make it to the end?