Twerk Race 3D

Races for buns and donuts have always promised the representatives of the weaker sex a weighty ass. It is she who will come in handy to make a cool twerk. The winner of this competition is the one who can collect as many buns as possible along the way and perform the coolest hip dance.

Don’t stop, swipe the screen and collect goodies. They will bring you extra points. The more you move without snacking, the more weight you lose. It won’t work in your favor. Twerk Race 3D is like running a glutton. Your obstacles will depress you. But don’t worry. After a couple of attempts, you will overcome them with ease.

When you reach the finish line, prepare your buttocks for a real animal dance to win. It’s extremely funny and original. Establish yourself as the best twerk performer and compete for the title of the winner. Leave all other gluttons behind you and get ahead. Now you are not afraid of any diets.