Scratchin’ Melodii OST

Once you get to know the little DJ who infects with his radiance, you will want to listen to these tunes over and over again. Especially for you, the universe of Scratchin’ Melodii offers a set of tracks that have become very expensive for you. You can enjoy them not only in the game, but also outside of it.

Now you have access to all the wonderful soundtracks that you met during the adventures of the hero. Who will you sing and play with this time? Whom will you meet in your travels through the world of musical delight? Determine the best sound that gives you goosebumps.

Every week is a new musical tinnitus. Every battle is a new experience. Each new location is a pumping of your skills. Solid pluses from this discovery. Do not stop there and examine each melody under a microscope. You must hone your listening skills to perfection so you don’t miss the next time.

Leave all unnecessary noise behind

Enjoy a selection of quality music. Each track has its own story here. Each episode takes you to some kind of memory. Think back to when you played the kitchen scene with your character. Remember how you created sounds out of nothing. Let your emotions run wild and enjoy beautiful melodies online.

Find in each note the subtext of hundreds of words that the DJ wanted to convey to you. The music will remind you of the time you spent with the clown. Create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort with this musical universe. Every detail must not be forgotten. Start your journey through the world of musical taste from the very beginning.

Immerse yourself in a selection of the best tracks that the developers have worked so hard on. This is a great chance to catch up. When your emotions are on the edge, your auditory channels will be heated to the point of impossibility – you will comprehend musical zen. Your devotion to the gods of sounds will be appreciated.

A mass of pleasant memories will suddenly overwhelm you, and your story mode will reappear in front of you. Do not forget about the main thing – constantly learn and do not stop in front of difficulties.