Popo Singer

There are many talented musicians in the world. But this one deserves extraordinary attention. We were looking forward to his concert. But he looks very excited. His guitar is gone. She seemed to have sunk into the ground.

He cannot start his solo performance without his favorite musical instrument. He decides to take a desperate step – going to the valley of desires. Here everyone can find what they want. But only what is the price of this fulfillment of desire. Unforgettable 8 levels of the game are waiting for you, each of which is fraught with a terrible mystical riddle.

Only those who truly desire the fulfillment of their dreams can cope with it. The musician is so devoted to his work that he is ready for any feats, just not to fail the concert. Unusual and frightening tests await you. Terrible things are happening here. Are you ready to risk everything so that art does not lose such a genius?