Scratchin’ Melodii Stir and Mix

The main character this time is in an incredible kitchen. Scratchin’ Melodii will give you new vivid impressions of what you have seen and heard. You will be able to enjoy wonderful musical novelties from the developers. Join the musical battle along with mommy.

Everything here is so cute and pink. An atmosphere of kindness and love is in the air here. Each note is saturated with confidence and love. The text accompaniment of the melody is very entertaining and fun. Therefore, you have a great chance to relax and finish what you started.

Once you understand that music is your forte and you are ready to fight for your place in the sun, you have come to the right place. Discover the world of amazing musical atmosphere in competition style. This is a whole era that will bring with it many different impressions and opinions.

You will be pleased with the new mods that can be used as additional scenarios. A fresh take on the beloved musical battle model. A fresh trend in the world of musical fashion.

Create sounds with a whisk and ladle

Each element of the kitchen and kitchen utensils is a separate musical instrument. Did you know that you can make music with a spoon and a plate? The game offers you many unique scenarios through which you will discover new possibilities.

As soon as the melody starts, you already know what to do. This time you have some difficulty: the color scheme of the sound track is significantly different. If you see a blue color – repeat the signals. If pink – enjoy your own talent. Scratchin’ Melodii has the unique ability to train both hearing and vision at the same time.

Pay close attention to the pointer on the screen. Repeat all the characters by pressing the buttons. Don’t miss a single signal. Become the master of your musical kitchen. The game impresses with its graphics and ease of control. You can achieve a lot in the musical field.

The main thing is to give free rein to your feelings. Release your fears. Learn to feel sounds with your fingertips. The game will take you to the logical conclusion of the melody. You will reach the moment that can be considered the highest aerobatics. And all your efforts in the musical field will be crowned with success. The main thing is the desire to achieve goals.