Piano Master

Sliding fingers between black and white keys. Amazing sounds and constant tension. Your mindfulness will now reach its peak if you discover this game. You will try to hit the notes on your screen. You can do this by the sound of your favorite tracks.

Unlock level after level, moving on to more complex and faster soundtracks. Use both hands to tap the sliding tracks in time. You will need a handful of attention and the ability not to blink. When you create your first masterpiece – you will see the assessment of your efforts immediately after the end of the test.

Enjoy your success. Set new goals for yourself and achieve them. When your temper is played out, and the blood in the veins freezes a little, you will be ready to enter into a new battle with the piano. But this time you will be even more diligent.

Maybe this is your childhood dream, or are you just a fan of long drawn-out sounds from under the keys? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. Here everyone can imagine himself as a young musician on the stage.