Scratchin Melodii SAGE 2022 Demo

Playful, but very self-confident baby, who was stopped for graffiti on the wall, can’t stop now at musical battles. She continually tries to prove that she is capable and very talented. She quickly climbs up when she finds herself in the depths of the musical battle.

Step by step, with your help, you will conquer every millimeter of the musical scale. By hitting exactly the target with the keys, you can enjoy everything that is happening around you and shock your opponent. Scratchin’ Melodii is a good warm-up for attention and hearing. Prick up your ears and fingers.

Become the master of the joystick. Follow the color of the line to understand specifically – to repeat the previous row for you or you just need to carefully and closely monitor your opponent. A game that inspires. With its help, you will feel like a real microphone god.

Incredible story of a musical genius

When in your fantasy you know how to do everything – learn to embody it in real life. If you don’t naturally have excellent hearing, listen to more music. If you are scattered – also not a problem. Focus and take step by step to improve your results. When many stages are completed, and the work becomes diligent and painstaking, this will bear fruit.

This is what distinguishes the main character of Scratchin’ Melodii. This is an incredible man with a taste for style and a desire to win. This is a whole think tank that painstakingly works and plays various instruments in order to achieve recognition. This is not just a play on words or a metaphor.

This is a real role model that you were lucky enough to meet. Incredible fun story, friendly atmosphere, cool soundtracks, support from the developer. It’s all you get in one app. Funny heroes who want to compete with you. Ridiculous, but such cute situations in which you find yourself. It’s an entire life unfolding on your screen.

Sometimes you want to give up, but then you remember that somewhere far away you will find a reward, glory and perfection of skills. Play like it’s your last musical battle. Give yourself completely to your work and reach the climax of your musical talent. Learn to feel the rhythm and stay on the same wavelength with the music – always.