Scratchin’ Melodii Game Online

There are not many adventures. It is under this creed that incredible events unfold before us. A small but very talented child wants to prove himself in everything. Drawing graffiti on the walls, leaving behind traces of his talent. DJ is trying to attract attention. It all goes too far when a law enforcement officer catches you. And now you have to atone for your guilt and earn money to pay fines.

The second talent of the little musician comes into play. A new world called Scratchin’ Melodii appears on your screens. The game is addictive for people who are sensitive to incredible musical compositions. Your sense of taste and style will exult as you plunge into a new colorful world with beautiful optimistic characters. Your ears will be delighted. Your visual channels will receive unprecedented satisfaction. Here everything is in its place.

Musical frames and how to deal with them

You have to test your hearing and reaction speed. The game offers several melodies to choose from. Several scenarios will open in front of you. Different characters will perform tracks with you. Your main task is to press the correct arrows and figures on the joystick.

Now your melody does not consist of notes, but of triangles, squares and crosses. As soon as the melody begins to play, you enter the beat with it. Note that you will have two color fields. Blue color means that you need to repeat all the sounds according to the example. Your teacher will show you what to do. Your task is to simply copy this row. If you have a pink stripe in front of you, you get absolute freedom.

Feel the sounds and start creating a new musical story. Gameplay is incredibly interactive and requires maximum attention. You need to follow the mood of the teacher, and the melody, and the symbols, and the color. You will become part of this incredible song. They are very playful and funny. In addition, the game will teach you to quickly react and rebuild.

Different modes as an epochal musical action

You can become a part of each individual song or the whole story. Your main character will travel between teachers and locations. This will add to the thrill. You will move from level to level. Each time a new song will be played. Playing the music box in the kitchen with mom is an art form in its own right. Then head outside with your friends and have an open-air rock concert.

A few small attempts – and you are already winning the love of the audience. Most importantly, don’t lose your grip. When you find yourself on the same stage with a clown, do not miss the chance to show yourself. You will have the opportunity to implement your own musical ideas. When more and more spectators come to your concerts, look for something to surprise them. The pc version allows you to play all sorts of instruments in any style.

When you receive your reward and can pay the fines, you will understand the point. After all, this will not be your punishment, but the meaning. You will want to make as many collaborations as possible. You will want to find more like-minded people. You will miss the excitement and that crazy race for notes.